Friday, November 8, 2013

Flashback Friday III

Oh goodie, the last time I did a Flashback Friday, I was still on the same bloody book as I am now...and I skipped it last week, too! xD Ah, lame... Oh well. Anyway...this weekend, I don't have much hw, but I will probably procrastinate as I always do instead of trying to get it all done today. I'm still reading Coraline, but it's been something I haven't really been picking up except when I am on my break at work. My bedtime reading time has turned into my Shelfari/rpging time or my Supernatural marathon craze time. xP And then I'm just plain busy or stressed throughout the day with either classes or studying or work or procrastination...or sleep. I haven't been eating much, either...I'm afraid I'm going to get sick here soon.... Ah. Such is the life of a poor, struggling, sleep deprived college student..... 

On a happier, mostly un-book related note, I finally ordered my Wacom tablet. Still working on organizing all my stuff onto my new laptop...or, not really, but I need to work on that. I also have a selection of manga volumes I'm itching to buy, but I should probably hold off for a bit since I just spent a large chunk of my savings. *sighs* Finally signed up for the spring semester on Wednesday, and I get to take most of the classes I wanted, and my schedule is almost perfect. Also trying to get more involved on campus, decided to join our anime club for something fun to do, checked them out yesterday. I guess that's all...



  1. Hey Jen! I love your blog posts, so, I nominated you and your blog for a Liebster Award! :D You have an awesome blog, chicky :)

    Visit the link to my blog post for more info- hope you accept, it's fun! :D

    ~Rose (aka: The Cookie Master ;)


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