Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday XII

March 31: 
Ten Books You Recently Added To Your To-Be-Read List

So I'm always adding books to my TBR pile. This is just a random assortment of some of the more recent selections, really in no order whatsoever.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Showcase Sunday / Stacking the Shelves / The Sunday Post XXXI


So I was a good little girl and didn't buy any books this week....though I have plenty waiting in the shopping carts that I'm just dying to get my hands on.

Here's all that I borrowed this week, though...do I have time to finish these anytime soon? No. Do I still keep adding books to the various piles scattered about my room? Yes. Do I need help? Do I???



Friday, March 27, 2015

Flashback Friday XXXIII

So I ended up not finishing any books this week, though I came terribly close. This is just a little post, just to say that I'm still going to try and keep up with prompts and such, and maybe get out a review before the end of the month. But we'll see...

Life has been super crazy as of late. School has been so demanding and I hardly have any time for relaxing pastimes. Plus, I've been painting my new room since Break and I'm still not done moving myself. On top of that, I'm pretty much broke and need to keep working in order to make it through senior year. I also plan on taking a study abroad trip to Japan next summer. 

So reading? Yes, I still read...but not as much as I would like. Sometimes I just feel too tired. And this girl needs sleep. I've taken up the habit of listening to audiobooks during my commute and such, and that's been great. 

I just can't wait for lazy summer afternoons, where I can just finish a good book without having to rush off somewhere..... *sighs*

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday XI

March 24
Top 10 Books From My Childhood (Or teen years) That I Would Love To Revisit

So I haven't done this in awhile...

I decided to go with books from late elementary/early middle school, and I was surprised that I was actually able to come up with this many. There's others I could list but I believe these were the most read. I feel like I didn't really read as much as I would have liked to nor did I finish certain series when I was the right age to do so. Sometimes I wish I had. But this prompt has me feeling a bit nostalgic, and while I might not go back and read most of these ever again, I do remember enjoying them way back when. I realize I have always struggled with this. I love reading, but sometimes I just...couldn't, and still can't. 

These are in no particular order, because I am a lazy bum...

I read this in middle school, at the same time as my mom. I feel like this was the first real series that I ever finished, and I quickly read through or listened to each. I've always meant to go back and reread them all. I think I might have listened to a few again, but never the entire series... 

I don't remember how many of these I actually read, but I went through this mystery phase and bounced between various series, just like this one. Gosh, these were fun books.

Another mystery series, but a bit lighter. I know I read several. So much fun. :)

Again, another light read. I remember reading several from this fun, cute little series.

I know I didn't read nearly half of all the Cam Jansen books, but again, I read plenty during my little mystery high. I vividly remember the birthday cake one. :P

And who didn't read Magic Treehouse??? I remember I read the Medieval one in one sitting, a first for me back then. I know I never finished the series (again), or what there was of it back then, but I remember really enjoying those that I did read.

This is one of my personal favorites. Seriously. I still have all my copies, though I never finished reading the entire series. But most of. And I wouldn't mind rereading through them, they were just so funny and perfect.

This is probably the only Marvin Redpost book I ever read but I remember it so vividly. And holy heck, it's as old as me, too!

And who didn't read good ole' Junie B.? Sometimes I feel sad that I gave my precious collection away. xD

Gosh, I loved this book. I had to have read it at least twice, which of course never happens with me. I wonder if I still have it around here, somewhere.....

Well? What book's did you all come up with? Feel free to link down in the comments and I'll be happy to check out your Top Ten for this week! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Showcase Sunday / Stacking the Shelves / The Sunday Post XXX

Well, I am technically broke but that didn't seem to keep me from using one of my BookOutlet coupons (why don't they let you use more than one on a single order??) and also from crossing my fingers and hoping (quite pointlessly) that I would somehow win a free order during last week's campaign, though with my luck it was rather doubtful to begin with...

Anyway, my books are on their merry way and I'm looking forward to adding them to my collection. :)


Friday, March 20, 2015

Flashback Friday XXXII

I haven't done one of these in a long time either, but I wanted to try and get back into the habit of at least posting for these and possibly the occasional prompt. I will have lots more time this summer, but for now school is demanding my full, undivided attention. 

I'm so sad that Break is now coming to an end. D: I didn't get nearly as much time as I would have liked for fun reading, seeing how I was bogged down with homework and have also been in the process of painting my new room.

Anyway, here is what I've managed to read so far this month...


Manga/Graphic Novels:

17. Torikago Syndrome 1

18. Torikago Syndrome 2

19. Asterisk 1

20. Asterisk 2

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Showcase Sunday / The Sunday Post / Stacking the Shelves XXIX


So I haven't done one of these in months, but I wanted to try and get back into it, even if I only manage to do one or two per month. I've gotten tons of books since the last time I posted but I'm only going to try and mention those that were more recent...

I really hope to get to some serious reading this week, since it's FINALLY Spring Break!!! Woot!!! :D :D :D


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