Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday V

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November 12: Top Ten Covers I Wish I Could Redesign (originally done April 2011)

Oh boy....oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I love this prompt! There are probably hundreds and hundreds of book covers that I wish I could totally redesign, especially now that I'm working on my major, in graphic design specialization. Of course, when I actually tried to hunt some down on my shelf, I couldn't find any right away. I guess that's just because I usually don't read/plan to read crappy book cover books. Because yes....judge the book by its cover, baby!

But anyway...here's what I came up with. First off, I don't want to say any/all of these are awful, just...need tweaking, perhaps. Or lots.....

They are in the order that I found them, that's all...

Okay, so I really really liked Illuminate...but this cover just kind of puts me off. It's poorly photoshopped and that just really really bothers me. I mean, she is obviously floating, a separate image from the background. It's not as noticeable from far away, but it definitely is up close. I haven't picked it up yet, though the cover will always annoy me...

A lot of the older, vampire series, I've noticed, started off with not too hot covers. This is one of those series. I fell in love with some of the later ones and decided to give the series a shot...and then I saw the first book cover. It's just... the shading on the title and around her head, and the coloring...it's just off. I have read over half this book, but I set it aside for other reasons, not because I couldn't stand it or the cover. I do plan to pick it back up and continue with the series....I just wish they'd redesign the first book(s) to match the later books...

Okay, basically all of the original Cirque du Freak books, I wish I could redesign. I don't even like some of the redesigned ones, either. This one's not too bad, I mean it definitely looks like a cover from the time it was published, but... It reminds of some of the old Goosebump covers, actually. The colors are garish, and the black fade around it is obvious photoshoping...

I like some of the later covers, but this one always felt just a little bit off to me. I'm not even going to mention the original covers....or the tv edition covers. No. But I like the concept of these covers, half the face, eerie darkness, a bit of blood. The shading is just a bit too blue and the fade from face to black is too obvious.

I've never really liked this cover. The background is pretty, but the reflection in the sword and the use of opacity, and the gradient in the title...I just don't like it.

It's a bit older, and a bit simpler, but I just wish they'd redesign it all ready. Make the fire more intense, more realistic, make the text more eerie. Something...

I loved the first cover of this series, and even the original, but this one always felt weird to me, random really. The first is dark and blue and engaging, and the original is a close up on the old house, tilted and greenish yellow light in the windows, very haunted house looking. This looks like it was done by a completely different artist, and so does the third actually. I just really loved the first one and this was a disappoint to me...

Well, I didn't really much like this book and the cover is poorly put together so I'm not really sure why I read it. I should have known better. If there wasn't enough effort put into the cover, the book can't be much better. I just hate the obvious blurring and the pasting of the images together, and no. Still, the title is kind of cool and the swirly patterns....

I kind of like this one, I just think a bit more could have gone into it. It looks very steampunk and pretty, but obviously not all one image. I didn't much like the book, either...

I didn't notice this before until a friend pointed it out to me, but man...awful photoshoping. I mean, just look at it, really stare at it for a bit. It's bad. I really liked Matched cover but the last two are...not good.



  1. The Matched series do have really odd covers! Great list :-)

    1. Now it really annoys me, though it never did before. xD Thanks!

  2. There sure is an awful lot of terrible covers out there. And like you said, us readers sure do judge a book by its cover.

    1. Truly.It's also vastly disappointing when it's actually an awesome cover but then the story is awful....


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