Saturday, April 4, 2015

Currently Reading VII

So as far as my reading has gone, last month wasn't too bad...but it wasn't too hot, either. Here's what I'm currently still reading...


  1. Lol! How long have you been reading Storm? Stupid school...
    I need to get back to Ticker at some point. Although I hardly started it. Like 5% in.
    Fangirl <3 I really want to do a re-read.

    1. Bwhaha! xD Technically, I haven't been "reading" Storm... *sighs* It's just been sitting there... I haven't had time for any novel reading, it's been awful. =/ But I finally downloaded the audio so after I finish Fangirl, it's next! :D That's really the only way I can get through books during the school year... *sighs dismally*
      I think I didn't get much farther than that in Ticker. :P I had to take it back since it was a silly interlibrary loan and they don't let you renew, even when no one's waiting for it. :(
      :D I'm almost doooooone!!!! Eeeep!


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