Friday, May 15, 2015

Flashback Friday XXXVII

So apparently we are using the same textbook next year for Chinese, so apparently I can't count it as read yet. Boo. As far as my Japanese art history reading goes, I kinda winged *wung?* it this semester. I'm counting two of the textbooks as completed *mostly* but the other was just way too fat and I'm a lazy, I think I'll be using some of them again next spring for another, more in depth class so we'll see how long they can actually be counted for as "read".

But alas...

I had my last final this morning, and I would rather not dwell on it further. It's done. I'm free. I'm not going to worry about my grades until Tuesday (when they should be posted by, but generally aren't). I'm just going to go grab some ice cream and chill for the rest of the weekend AND AIN'T NOBODY GONNA STOP MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! xD


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