Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday VII

April 16th - Top Siblings

(not in any strict order)

The Baudelaires 
The Series of Unfortunate Events
I never finished this series but I loved reading about these three.

The Pevensies
The Chronicles of Narnia
This series is what originally got me back into reading in middle school. And I personally loved the portrayals, especially Edmund's, in the newer movie adaptions.

Percy and Tyson
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
They were And I really liked how they portrayed Tyson in the movie, even if it wasn't really the same as the books' portrayals...

Prosper & Bo
The Thief Lord
It's been ages since I read this, but Prosper was always looking out for his little brother. The story centers around them running away just so they can stay together.

The Weasleys
The Harry Potter series
'nough said.


  1. Loved your blog followed it ....
    Check out mine ... here

  2. The Weasley's obviously.
    I LOVE Percy and Tyson too! Good one!
    And of course the Pevensies. I love them too!


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