Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year: 2013 Wrap Up

Wishing everyone the best for this upcoming year, and good luck in all reading goals/challenges for 2014!

So I hope to reach my modest reading goals for this year (25 novels and 75 manga volumes). I haven't decided on whether to partake in any other challenges, though I may try the Debut Author Challenge once more. I know this year is going to be extremely busy for me but I hope to get a nice head start on my goals during my long winter break this month. The following is a list of all I managed to get to in 2013, a total of 111 books (18 novels/textbooks and 93 manga volumes/comics/graphic novels). 

There were a few errors along the way, as there always are for me for some reason. Such as Goodreads being off by one book (it doesn't count rereads), or my not being able to find one comic I read last week, and therefore, not being able to count it, or my almost finishing several novels but then setting them aside. For the last scenario(s), I count those books in the following year, even if I read most of them the year before. Little things like that irritate me, but yeah...

So I hope to get out within the next few days my Currently Reading posts, my Preliminary Plan TBR Pile post, and perhaps a Debut Author Challenge post, as well as my Friday post. I also skipped yesterday's Top Ten Tuesday, since I really didn't read enough last year to come up with a top ten...



75: Boredom

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