Sunday, December 8, 2013

Showcase Sunday VIII / The Sunday Post III / Stacking the Shelves III

So I actually didn't get much recently, but I have over the past several weeks. I was actually surprised with myself for actually getting some reading done last week, even if it was mostly all manga. I'm currently preparing for finals, but after Thursday morning, I will be free! I am hoping to get lots of reading done after that. I have 20 volumes left in my manga goal and 9 left in my novels goal...and I'd really like to meet both. So here's a list of what I bought or borrowed this past week, and again, it's all manga. I don't plan to get much else this month so this might be my last Sunday post for awhile, until I actually get some of this finished. I've all ready read 3 of this particular haul *yay me!*, and 1 was actually a reread...




  1. So close Jen. So close to the end. :)

    I've actually never read a Manga before. I think when I try to take that plunge I'll come to you for your expert opinion though. :)

    1. I can't wait! xD And it's snowing! I hope one of my finals gets rescheduled, or better yet, canceled. ;P

      Oh, I definitely enjoy it. I didn't actually start reading it until just a few years ago. Yes, do! I have lots of recommendations. :)


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