Saturday, December 28, 2013

Flashback Friday IX

So I know I've missed a lot of posts: specifically, the 15th and 22nd Sunday posts and the 20th and 27th Friday posts. Though, technically, I hadn't got out much or read anything, so it didn't really matter. Being so close to the end of the year, I get rather frustrated with blogging... I will be doing a Sunday post tomorrow, since I did get a few things recently...

Thoroughly unbook related... My last professor finally emailed me back about a specific grade, so I can officially stop thinking about that now. I'm not even really anxious to start looking for that summer internship. I just want to give my brain a break. Had a nice break for the holidays and I don't have to go back to work until next Sat/Sun. Didn't get any books, but I got a target giftcard, so same difference. :P Actually, scratch that, my sister got me this 1890 something children's book, Alice's Tea Party, because I like old books, so that was pretty neat. I still have two friends to give gifts, and my sister's birthday on New Year's Eve. I'm at that point where I wished I had more of a break before Christmas, because now it's just over and I never feel like I get into the spirit fast enough and it's never ever long enough. =/ But there was time enough for decorating and Christmas shopping and cookie baking (though I burnt most of mine), so I can't complain too much. Christmas eve was really nice and relaxing and I was able to help my mom out so she was really happy (once you get me dusting, I am unstoppable). And I got my mom her present a day late, but it seems UPS had lots of people complaining about that this year...but my mom loved getting it the day after, so I was happy about that. :)

Ok, book related again, but I don't think Im going to reach either of my goals for the year, unfortunately. I thought it might be helpful to give myself a brief Currently Reading list.

The Dream Thieves
Black Butler XV
Durarara!!! 4
Pandora Hearts 15
Garfield 35

Oh and I did read something! :P ...though I just can't remember which Garfield volume it was and I can't find it around the house... *sighs*

Tomorrow, I'll list what I got out recently, and hopefully next Friday I can list some read stuff. Starting next month/year, I hope to remember to do a beginning of the month Currently Reading post as a prompt for myself to get certain books done each month. We'll see... I'll also post a list of what I got to in 2013 as a whole.

I believe that's all...

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