Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lack of Activity ~ Pleading the Fifth

Life has just been crazy and yet not at the same time and I just haven't had the time or the urge to get on and post more. I really wish I could and I had but I can't and I haven't. I seem to read manga too fast and novels too slow (or just too many at one time which makes me super slow) in order to review. 

I was able to select a DAC for both November and December and I do have the next four DAC on hold (or on order) so hopefully they'll all come in soon. I have a nice pile of books I'm reading currently, mostly adult, and I would like to finish reviewing Chi's Sweet Home.

I think the best solution would be to just go on hiatus for the rest of this month, finish some novels up and sit down and review an entire series of manga and post it all next month. Cheers until then.

~ Darkitty

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