Saturday, April 28, 2012


I wasn’t as active as I would have liked to have been last month. I know that I sometimes contradict what I say I’m going to review but it’s truly only a vague idea of what I would like to review next. I’ve also noticed with manga you could review each individual volume instead of the series as a whole, so I’m considering doing that soon, perhaps re-reviewing some series I’ve already done. I’m still experimenting with this whole blog thing. Sometimes I feel like my ratings change after I review a book and sometimes my reviews feel too vague for me. I’m still working on it all. I don’t think I’ll ever review a manga series as long as say Bleach or Naruto, (plus you can’t pay me to reread them) but we shall see. I’d also like to just stick with reviewing completed series or if it’s ongoing, one at a time, unless there’s like over 10 volumes already or it’s relatively short or I dunno, because I’m indecisive like that. So I’ll be starting with Chi’s Sweet Home next month since I think it would be very easy to reread through and they’re short enough to combine the review... After that though, I’m just not sure at this point what I want to review next... I may re-re-read through either Black Butler or Pandora Hearts, and review them one volume at a time for starters. I’ve got a nice pile of novels to read next month so hopefully I can squeeze in more reviews after Finals. I’d like to have at least one manga volume and one novel review every week, or every other week at the least. :)
~ Darkitty

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