Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Start

As this last year came to a sudden close, I realized that I wanted to start fresh with my blogging. While I will not lie and say my writing is near perfection, I think college classes have helped improve my skills. Therefore, I prepare my entries now in advance to make sure they are worthy of public viewing. I hope to be able to keep up with my reviews this following year. I am certain to have plenty of time during the remainder of my Winter Break, and I did prepare a few reviews in advance from some books I had read back in December of 2011. I hope to update weekly, or at least every other week. I will not review outside of the Young Adult genre, unless something else catches my eye. I’d like to state that most of what I review will probably be geared toward an older young adult audience. With the occasional manga series review, perhaps a non-fiction thrown in to keep it varied, maybe a juvenile or adult book now and again, I will no longer continue my movie reviews (that blog has been deleted) nor will I pursue my idea of music reviews. Maybe in the distant future, when I secure more followers and have more free time. Let it be stated that though I created this blog back in December of 2010, I refreshed it this January of 2012. Most of what I review, I hope to be newly published, or only the first in a series. If I finish a series, I will come back with updated reviews. Most of the time. I may end up contradicting myself later on. While I’d like to keep my reviews of recently read books, I may occasionally reach into the past to talk about a long ago read book that I thoroughly enjoyed. I will not review books with less than a four star rating from myself, since I don’t think they’re worth the time or effort.

I will be participating in the 2012 DAC (Debut Author Challenge), reviewing one of the select few books per month. This a tentative list, and so my options shall be constantly changing, depending on if I can get my hands on the books in time. DAC runs from January 31st, 2012, through January 31st, 2013. Each book will be reviewed after it’s specific month of publication (later if I can’t get it in time). I will not choose the books in advance, since I'm not certain what I'll be able to get in time.

~ Darkitty

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