Sunday, August 9, 2015

Showcase Sunday / Stacking the Shelves / The Sunday Post XLIX

Well the first week of August just flew by. Now I'm swamped with trying to figure out school costs and work schedules, and trying to convince myself to study some for my language class before the semester starts back up, and trying to organize my room, and trying to see all the latest summer films and hang with friends, and also just do nothing and pretend to be bored. You know...the usual. I'm really not ready for the summer to be over (AND IT'S NOT YET, GRAH!!! I'm talking to you, Walmart back to school displays). But it just feels like once August hits, the clock is ticking... And then people actually starting talking about how excited they are to be going back to school, bla,bla,bla...and I'm just sitting here, like, please.... Be quiet. Not yet. *sighs* I was only just getting used to it being so unbearably hot and having so much free time that I didn't even know what to do with myself. Anything you didn't get accomplished during the past two months has to somehow get crammed in around last minute lazing about, or just be forgotten entirely...

*sighs* But this is also going to be my senior year...finally. I'm half anxious/half relieved to be almost done. I wouldn't say I'm excited, exactly. There are so many classes I would have still liked to have taken, some I really wished I hadn't, and some things I would have liked to have done differently. Hindsight sucks, doesn't it? I'm hoping these last two semesters won't be entirely draining, as I only have three classes in each (along with extra things here and there). And I'm looking forward to at least three of them... I'm looking forward to having a nice winter break this year as well (yes, I'm already thinking about my next break...who isn't?). I'm hoping to maybe get in a nice vaca this fall, but I have my doubts... I'm also extremely hopeful that I'll somehow manage to be able to study abroad next summer. Right after I graduate, my minor's advisor is planning a trip to Japan and I'm really hoping that I can make it... I'd like to travel next summer, just in general. I want to make it to the beach, take a road trip, explore...anything, before I realize what's happening and that I've suddenly been thrust into the "real world". I'm not sure what exactly it is I'll be doing, but I'll probably be content with my current part time job as a library page, while free lancing with my art (and writing) on the side...we'll see... A friend of mine and I even considered starting a youtube channel together, just to do something...

I don't like being an adult anymore...

So anyway...that's my rant for the month. I'm hoping to get in a little bit more reading these next two weeks (among other things). *fingers-crossed*

Here's the borrowed and the bought from last week. I'm really hoping to catch up in/finish both Bleach and Naruto before next year. I'm also trying to branch out with more Marvel/DC comics. And I am really enjoying the 07-Ghost series. Beautiful. I just love it.

Bought some more manga volumes that came out recently, even though I probably shouldn't have. And I got 2 of the 4 textbooks I'll be needing for my Asian Philosophy class this fall, which are thankfully suuuuuper thin (and look rather interesting). :)




  1. Adulting sucks. You may wish school to be done but I can guarantee you'll go back on that thought once you're in the "real world". I seriously often dream about going back to my college and Disney days. God were they carefree and fun. Now I constantly think about how I've done nothing and am too old to change that(I'm really not, but you know...). Anyhow, I say enjoy your senior year, do everything you can think of you should do well in college. And travel before adult bills and life take over. Lol

    1. I understand that, really. I kinda have mixed feelings about it actually. Like, I reeeeeally want to be done....but also not. Ya feel me? :P They don't really all that fun right now though...uuuuugh. *still has a full week to mostly not think about it* I was starting to feel that way recently, like what else have I done, besides working and studying...nothing. *sobs* Anyway. I'm hoping I might have a chance to do some more fun stuff during my winter break since this summer was kind of a drag....but we'll see. :P

  2. So many books! Hope you enjoy them :)

    Sofia @ SofiaLovesReading


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