Sunday, June 8, 2014

Showcase Sunday / The Sunday Post / Stacking the Shelves XVIII

Well, shoot. I forgot to post my Friday post last week, as well as my Currently Reading for the month...anywho!

So I kinda went on a VD kick since I've been meaning to buy the entire series for quite some time...even if I haven't finished it all yet and even if I both love the books and the tv series despite the differences and even if L.J. lost the rights to her own creation and I'm still pissed off about that....buuuut I still would like to read the rest of them this summer.

Also got one book at this local bookshop that I haven't been to since last summer. And then I went a bit manga holds crazy at the library. Good times. =P



(The Vampire Diaries) Book 1: The Awakening and Book 2: The Struggle
(The Vampire Diaries) Book 3: The Fury and Book 4: Dark Reunion
(The Hunters) Book 3: Destiny Rising

(Stefan's Diaries) Book 2: Bloodlust
(Stefan's Diaries) Book 5: The Asylum
(Stefan's Diaries) Book 6: The Compelled

Ghost Knight


Grumpy Cat
White Hot Kiss

Jasotron: 2012

Zita the Spacegirl 1



07-Ghost 2 & 3
Afterschool Charisma 9
Azumanga Daioh omnibus
Blue Exorcist 10 & 11
Deadman Wonderland 1
Fairy Tail 21-24
Inu x Boku SS 1


  1. Great haul. I love to go all out on a series like you have with the Vampire Diaries. Enjoy.
    FWF Stacking the Shelves

  2. I abandoned the Vampire Diaries books. The TV show is so much better in my opinion. I hope you enjoy them all though!

    SP & STS
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

    1. Well, I started reading them first and I only started watching the tv series because people who hadn't read the books recommended it and I wanted to see how different they were. They're not really comparable in my opinion, since they're so, I like them both. :P Thanks!

  3. You got great books! I've only read the first Vampire Diaries book. But I love the show! Have fun reading your new books!


    1. I love them both for differing reasons (though I did start the book series first). Thank you! :D

  4. I see you went big on the vampire diaries ;) Ah, Damon, the only reason I'm still watching this show ! White hot kiss is a great read, I hope you'll like it. Have a great week !

    1. Yes, I did. :P I stopped somewhere in the third season but I do hope to get back to it this summer. Thanks! :)

  5. You know, I keep meaning to read VD. Hope it's as awesome as some of LJ Smith's other books, I freaking loved Night World.
    Cora @ Tea Party Princess

    1. I have yet to read Night World, but it's on my tbr pile. :)


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