Monday, July 28, 2014

Showcase Sunday / The Sunday Post / Stacking the Shelves XXIV: Monday Edition

So I am a wee bit behind this week since I missed both my Friday and Sunday posts. Gonna try and catch up on that today...even though I didn't actually get to a lot last week... Not much going on except work. And I finally got back into biking. :D 

Too bad I cannot read in the car because we took a nice long day trip/bus ride to Luray Caverns on Saturday and it was sooooo much reading time wasted because it was too hot and I didn't wanna get sick. *sighs* We also broke down on the ride back and ended up spending over four hours at a Sheetz, and again, impossible to read. Drat....



Not done with Storm yet, but I'm confident that I'll wanna continue with the series once I eventually do finish it...


  1. You should download an audio book when you're doing some road trippin'. That would get you some "reading" done. :)
    Spark. Hehehe. Gabriel. Mmmmm...<3 This makes me happy!

    1. I should...but it wouldn't have helped much anyway since the bus ride we took was soooooo loud. xD Haha, yay! :P

  2. New follower via GFC. Nice haul you got this week, hope you enjoy your books :)
    Here's my STS
    Have a great week!


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