Friday, April 15, 2016

Flashback Friday XLIX


I meant to do more posting these past few months, but I'm been pretty swamped with senior capstone stuff. We're setting up our art show tonight, and I'm really freaking out! EEEK!!!

So I haven't thrown out one of these posts in awhile. My original goal for 2016 is 50 manga and 15 novels, but I'll probably increase that soon. I have read a bit, but I won't have time for reviews or other prompts until late May...



  1. Oh hey. Glad you're kind of able to get out of that black hole that is school now.
    Hope your art show was amazing!

    1. Sorta...this upcoming week will be a bit crazy. O.o
      Thanks! We actually just set up, the show's on Thursday...


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